Jean Michel Jarre's inofficial successors?

Who else dares to put his hands on Jarresque soundscapes?

Of course, with HYDROLUX I'm not the only one who is dedicated to Electronic Music á la Jean Michel Jarre, his typical electronic bubbling-effects and Smallstone-phasered pads, daring in this niche of the genre. A very few enthusiasts also fly the flag exactly for this musical direction. It is an honour for me, and gives me pleasure to give a short introduction to them here.

First to be mentioned is Elektronalin who laid the foundation in 2005 with his interpretation of Jarre's sound, but with his own melodies and sound effects. The idea for Equinoxe 2 was born. To reinvent the soundscapes of Jarre without being a plagiarist, merely inspired by the style of the master, just to create new and independent music, that was the goal. This, without hoarding tons of synthesizers in his own apartment. To produce Electronic Music, which sounds like something from the early Seventies, which still comes only from VSTis and inconspicuous little devices - at least compared to Moog & Co. And anyway, Equinoxe deserves a sequel! If Jean Michel Jarre has no interest in and no time to do it, someone else has to do it...

Due to the fact that he wanted to avoid potential legal difficulties regarding the name, the album title was later changed to 4-3-3-4. The new name is not meant to remind you of Equinoxe2, but if you listen to his album for a few seconds, you will realise, names are really just smoke and mirrors. It SOUNDS like Jarre, you find yourself back again in exactly the alternately spherical and rhythmically interspersed spaces, as you did when you were attracted the first time from the spell of the masterpieces Oxygene, Equinoxe etc. Irrevocable and final. And who is still wondering what this cryptic name 4-3-3-4 means, it is quite simply the playing time of the album. 43 minutes and 34 seconds of Electronic Music, not from France, not from the Seventies, not by Jarre - nevertheless, it could almost be him...

More about the project, the origins and circumstances can be found in this Amazona-interview (in German only).

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Elektronalin - Electronic Music á la Jean Michel Jarre
The album 4-3-3-4 - Electronic Music á la Jean Michel Jarre by Elektronalin
The album 4-3-3-4 - Electronic Music á la Jean Michel Jarre